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How cool! Love it!



Ah. May. Zing.

Your work always inspires me to greater acts of sewing goodness♄


Wow. It looks fantastic. Was the key heavy to wear?


Thank you everyone!

Melissa, actually no the key and wings are not very heavy at all. Probably because of the way they are balanced, I didn't really notice them at all. *until I have to walk in a doorway. ;)

Molly Fletcher

Wow!!! This is beautiful <3
My favorite Halloween costume has been a fiary for years now, and this year I was thinking I would spice it up with some steampunk! Low & Behold, I stumbled upon this! How long would it take to make one and how expensive are we talking?!


Greetings Molly,
Thanks so much for liking my Steampunk Fairy, I have replied to your comment in full in an e-mail to you. If you have any questions just let me know.
Have a lovely day!

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