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Nov 09, 2011


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YUM! I'll have to try it!



Very cool! :) I'll have to try this sometime. I've been contemplating trying to come up with my own recipe for Lembas. hehe I love to bake!


I don't have oat or rice flour... hmmm.... do you think I could just do a mixture of white and wheat? (I'm making it today and the stores are closed)



I tried it, with a few changes (Unintentional) :P But It turned out delicious anyway! It's also fun eating it with a friend and quoting some lines from the movie concerning lembas bread lol.

"How many did you eat?"



Yes you can totally use a mixture of white and wheat. :) I am sure it would still be elvish bread like.

oh, so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the recipe and saying quotes from the movie makes it all the better doesn't it? :)
Thanks for your comments! They totally made my day.


I just made this with white flour only due to lack of supplies, and it still turned out great! Great recipe.

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