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Jan 19, 2012


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Wow, just the pics you put on today look absolutely amazing! I cannot wait for more pictures! The bead work looks perfect!



Oh wow! It looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see more pictures:)

Briana Lamb

Well the sneak peeks are indeed worth the wait! So far your form looks exquisite. Look at all those pools of fabric! I imagine if I put a dress like that on, I'd have a hard time taking it off. Ever.


Wow... Beauty at its best. You really outdid yourself this time, Brielle.



That is spectacular Brielle! I am so glad you have finally finished it! Congratulations! And who wouldn't want to wear gorgeous dresses every day of their life? :D
~Lady A


ahhh! gorgeous!


Oh. My. GOODNESS.... it's so screen accurate, I'd swear it were the original!
Brielle... it's beautiful beyond words. I know how you feel with all that beading... I worked on my Arwen Chase dress for six months as well, and it is my most prized costume! Don't ever sell this dress, it is your finest achievement (if it's possible to say that)! :D

Naomi Miriam Hirshfeld

WOW!!! This is SO SO LOVELY!! I could hardly believe that it wasn't the original!!

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