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Feb 27, 2012


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Briana Lamb

I adore Grace Kelly in Rear Window. Her wardrobe in that film (as well as To Catch a Thief) are just exquisite. I wish I looked womanly enough to carry off such style.

PS - I'm with you on the whole Oscars thing. I thought most of the dresses were fairly boring. (Though there's something to be said for actresses not finishing the whole ensemble. They'll wear a beautiful gown, but with half-thrown-together hair or no jewelrey (or too much).)


YES! I am a murder mystery fan :D I LOVE the four classic Miss Marple movies, Mr. Moto movies, Charlie Chan movies...Ah they are so much fun! And Then There Were None(pretty sure that was the title) was fantastic. Loved watching that one.
I've watched a few Hitchcock films. I think my fav is The Trouble With Harry. Cracks me up :D This dress is stunning!! I adore 50s dresses. Like crazy :D
Such a fun post, Brielle! Thanks for sharing it! :)


I love Grace Kelly's style! So beautiful:-) Rear Window is great. Have you ever seen Charade, with Audrey Hepburn? That's a fun stylish mystery. The only dress I really loved from the Acadamys this year was Penelope Cruz's. I thought it looked kind of like something Grace Kelly would wear, ironically!


@Briana Lamb,
Isn't she amazing? Yes I agree her wardrobes in both of those films are very pretty and classic.

On the Oscars thing, very good point! There is something to be said for actresses not finishing the whole look. What is the with the ponytail trend? They are on the red carpet..lol...

That is awesome! Those a great choices...classics.
Then There Were None, oh I like that one too.
Thanks, I thought it was a fun dress to post about. Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you I agree...such a lovely style.
Ya know....I think I have seen that Charade! But I totally forgot about it until now, I should check it out to watch again. Thanks for the recommendation. I am working on doing a few more features of "classic" movies like that.

Oh! You are so right, Penelope Cruz's was very Grace Kelly. I did really love her dress. :) I thought it wasn't the best color for her, but a stunning dress.


Love the dress! It looks so good on her.


Katrina-Edelweiss Patterns

I have admired this dress for quite some time. Eventually I might have to recreate it... So lovely!

Happy sewing,


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