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Mar 28, 2012


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I'm already a fan on facebook, and I think it'd be awesome if you made the uniform for a Chosen Man from the Sharpe's Rifles series.


Dear Brielle,
I have an idea for a costume: I am showing my age here, but in the 1960's the day time TV series "Dark Shadows" had a character, Angellique, who was a witch and had beautiful costumes. I have just discovered your website and blog and I am enthralled!
Thank you,


OK commented the red riding hood dress on facebook and I already had you "Liked" on facebook aaannnd in my circle on Etsy :) I also already had you on my blog
Blessed be!


Oh, Brielle, PLEASE count me in!
Hmmm, I would *love* to see a costume from Ever After...something like the dress that she wears to the court (the yellow one). But I just watched Penelope last night, and one of the costumes that she wears would be really neat too, I think (kinda like Alice in Wonderland, slash Pippi Longstocking! lol).

You have a lovely day!


Oh, dear, what if I don't have a facebook??? May I do something else to enter?



*goes nuts*

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! :D I adore your pirate cuffs! This is super exciting!

My costume idea would be Princess Buttercup's red riding gown from The Princess Bride. (or her blue dress, because that one is lovely as well. Not to mention her pink one...)

*is heading over to her dad's facebook to like you*


(I can't like you on facebook until I get back home, as I am on someone else's computer)

Here is the link to my blog post: http://ladyalocksley.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/awesomw-giveaway-from-brielles-costume-blog/


I like Brielle's Notions on FaceBook.

Hmmm, costume? Well, I'm eagerly awaiting any news on your Sherlock Holmes 2 gypsy outfit. I would like to see a recreation of the dark green dress Romola Garai wore in "Amazing Grace". picture: http://pinterest.com/pin/155022412143195539/


i'm already a fan on facebook :) and here is one challenging costume (that i will also try to do) : Lady Carmila, the blood countess from vampire hunter D. (it's a japanees anime) http://www.feoamante.com/Movies/Vampires/images/Vamp_D_2000/vhd2000-07.jpg

i know, it's nothing pirate but hey this red is so attractive.... i quite love the red color ;)


I posted about it on Pinterest.



What I'd like to see: Steampunk-inspired Star Wars costumes. :)


I have liked you on FB via my dad's account, since I do not have one of my own :)


Tee Hee wrist cuff love! I would like to see the Scarlet costume from the GI Joe cartoon from the 80's. She made being a girl in a cartoon in the 80's cool!


I would love to see something kind of quirky,like the costumes from Penelope. Especially the coat:-)I have already liked you on Facebook, and you are already in my favorite Etsy shops. Thanks for doing this! I have long been eying those cuffs:-)

A Facebook User

Total wrist cuff love ;)
I already like/favourite you on facebook/etsy, now I added you to my circle there as well AND posted the giveaway on FB - being thorough here.
As for costumes, I've tried for years to find something functional and cool and inspired by Abernathy's pants from 'Death Proof'- http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ZahnkHnjaCQ/SwdyH0dGUmI/AAAAAAAABQ0/VCYdxoTP0AE/s640/DP18.jpg
Also, Alice's look from Resident Evil Extinction has always been down my alley - http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ryaShn0VlSs/S_8_H9jU2UI/AAAAAAAAAN4/nl27PMdXO5Q/s1600/Resident%252BEvil%2B%252BExtinction%252B%282007%29.jpeg



Count me in!!!! Hmmmmm, I would suggest Eowyn's victory gown, it's absolutely beautiful!!. :)



Added to favorites on etsy also, and posted..


Happy sewing!


I don't have a facebook or even an etsy either, so is there anything else I could do?
Love your cuffs!


I'd love to see a an airship pilot costume--oooh or something from Firefly. Something either steampunk or grungy-futuristic. =]

I like you on fb!


Shared on my FB page! https://www.facebook.com/eefetc


Favorited your shop and added you to my etsy circle! =]


Hey I am a friend on facebook and one of my favorite costumes of all time is Danielle's "Cinderella" ball gown in Ever After. I would LOVE to see you make it. Her blue gown is also gorgeous... I just liked all the costumes from that movie. :)


Hi, Brielle! I think it would be fun to have something Roman, like Spartacus! :)


just added you to my favorites on etsy http://www.etsy.com/people/DothyTrunks for my second entry ^^


I'd love to see one of the costumes from Once Upon A Time!
and of course I like you on FB!

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